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Areas of Expertise

The most interesting mediation, in which we were involved, occurred in the 80s of the last century, during the war in southern Lebanon. A series of meetings was conducted in the Synagogue of the city of Compiègne (France), during which a Catholic priest studied Hebrew with Adv. Uri Shiloh, and had conversations about current events. At the end of one year of meetings the priest was interviewed to a local newspaper in France, and spoke about the special experience he had and told the reporter that through these meetings he made peace between Judaism and Catholicism.
Tax Law
The taxation team of our firm operates under the professional management of Dr. M. Druker & Co., founded in 1964 by advocate and accountant Dr. Moshe Druker, specialize in tax laws, commercial law and real estate law.
Corporate and Business Law
The lawyers at E. Shiloh & Co. accompany their clients in a variety of commercial law issues and various aspects of commercial activities in Israel and abroad.
Family & Inheritance Law
Since 1960 we handle a wide range of issues of family and inheritance matters. In addition, our firm's mediation unit specialized in family mediation and in resolving matrimonial conflicts.
(ע) הפעילות המשפטית-מסחרית בין ישראלים וברזילאים עומדת במוקד הענין של משרדנו מאז 2012. מחלקה זו נעזרת בסיוע המקצועי של עו"ד ליאור שטרנברג, בעל תואר שני במשפט מסחרי (אוניברסיטת תל אביב) ותואר שני MBA מאוניברסיטת ריו גה ז'נירו.
Administrative Law
The lawyers at E. Shiloh & Co. focus on the private person. Any individual or a business firm might find be involved in conflict with the authorities or with the public administration and their lawyers should be there to stand to defend their rights.
We represent our clients before courts and various regulatory tribunals since 1955 taking into account their long term needs.
Planning and Zoning, Real Estate
Real estate and Planning and Construction Law are the core areas of our law firm since 1955.